Sharing Custody Of Children During The Holidays

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Thanksgiving is here and the Winter Holidays are right around the corner. If you are one of the many families sharing custody of children, the following can be important to ease transitions and exchanges during this time of the year:
1. If you have a Custody Order with the court, follow it to the letter. A good Custody Order will have specific provisions regarding which parent has overnights or specific times for visitation during the holidays;
2. Communicate specifically regarding places for pick-up and drop-off and the designated times. Time is short on holidays and logistical problems can often cause a party to lose valuable time;
3. Remember to respect individual Family Traditions of the other parent’s extended family;
4. Barring any safety concerns, try to put your problems with the other parent on-hold so that the children can cherish Holiday memories;
5. If you have no Custody Order attempt to get specific sharing arrangements in writing in the unfortunate event that you need to have any problems subsequently reviewed by the Family Court after the holidays.
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