Travel Restriction Tips relating to Custody

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Traveling during the holidays is always a challenge. Custodial obligations may add to that challenge if you are not prepared. If you have children who will be traveling alone for the holidays to visit another parent you must be aware of each airlines procedures. Most airlines have unaccompanied minor travel policies which must be followed in order for the child to travel. If the child is flying on a domestic flight alone and they are under a certain age, usually 12 or under but some airline policies are through age 15, a child must use the unaccompanied minors service. There is usually a fee involved in addition to the ticket price, so the airline can provide supervision. Most airlines also require the flight to be direct flights or nonstop flights. Some airlines will not permit International travel for unaccompanied minors. Additionally, the airline will require the adult to have an ID, telephone number for the receiving parent and information about the child such as, birthdate, age and address. Most airlines will also require a form to be completed and a special pass. If you know there will be travel involved with your custodial arrangement, it is smart to check the airline policies before entering into a Custody Agreement including whether there are direct or nonstop flights to your child’s destination. Your Custody Agreement should address the costs of travel and fees, whether a parent will be required to travel with the child and cooperation with both parents on all required forms.

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