New Rules Regarding Filing of Court Documents

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New rules will be enforced regarding the filing of documents with the Court and access to information beginning January 6, 2018. As a family law practitioner it will be necessary to know the requirements of each Court before filing documents. Some counties have adopted the rule which would require a family law attorney to file a separate confidential information form outlining personal information such as, Social Security numbers, birthdates and bank account numbers. Other counties, such as Montgomery County, have adopted the provision that will require the filing of a redacted document which removes any sensitive account information and an unredacted copy which would include the sensitive information, but will not be available to the public. Additionally, although docket entries will still be available to be viewed online, the only documents which will be allowed to open online will be opinions of the Court. Over the next few weeks it will be important for family law practitioners to be aware of the new rules.