Planning a Summer Vacation? Read your Custody Agreement First

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Summer vacation is right around the corner. In anticipation of a vacation with the children, separated and divorced families should remember a few key points. First, read your custody agreement. Are there deadlines as to when notice must be given to the other party? Is there a restriction on the number of consecutive days? Once you have read through the agreement, prior to booking your dates, try and reserve the location and then immediately notify the other party. Parties are devastated when they promise the children a vacation which can’t be formalized because of date conflicts or summer activities of the children. If it looks like your plans can be formalized, immediately provide the complete itinerary including flight plans, location, who will be on the trip and where the children may be contacted while on vacation. Again, the more advanced notice a party can provide to the other parent the more likely you and the children won’t be disappointed.

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