New Year, New You!

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New Year, New You!

By Skip Persick, Partner of Weber Gallagher’s Family Law Group

Skip Persick

I have some theories on why, but the busiest time of the year for family law attorneys is the first week of the new year.  The next busiest is the rest of January and right around Labor Day when school starts.  Talk to any family law attorney and they will tell you the same thing, there is something to the so-called January Rush.

I have never seen any psychological research on any of this, but my theory as to why January is so busy for me is the concept of a new year bringing a new you.  Most people do not go to see a divorce attorney on a whim, it’s a difficult decision based on months, if not years, of thinking.  In a lot of situations, the flipping of the calendar is just the impetus a person needs to get to a place where he or she can initiate a significant change in his or her life.

The same thing happens at the end of every summer.  There are two times per year where everything resets and starts anew, the beginning of the calendar year and the beginning of the school year.

Two qualities I believe I bring to the practice of family law are patience and understanding.  I understand that those first few steps are difficult and the person sitting with me has been thinking about coming to see a lawyer for some time.  If you would like to speak to me, I am available by phone at 610-278-1503, email at, or in person in either Norristown or West Chester, Pa.