A Second Chance for Parents Convicted of Crimes

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Individuals who have been convicted of crimes often face many barriers in their lives including completing their education, purchasing a home and securing a job. Often the crime is a result of a difficult time in the person’s life perhaps while they were fighting an addiction or were in their 20’s. A prior conviction may in turn affect a parent’s ability to obtain meaningful custodial time with his or her child. Pennsylvania has just passed the new Clean Slate Act which will allow automatic record-sealing of certain offenses beginning June 28, 2019. The new Act will help individuals clear their prior records without going through a costly expungement or pardon process. Automatic record-sealing will apply to non-convictions, summary convictions and many nonviolent misdemeanors. Clearing a past criminal record will allow opportunities, including successful employment and financial independence, for a parent seeking custodial time. Our Family Law Department can discuss these options with you and assist you in your efforts.