Family Law and COVID-19

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In light of Governor Wolf’s new Shelter in Place order for the five-county area, Weber Gallagher Family Law Lawyers, have up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 and its impact on family law cases. We have been informed that all Court Ordered custody arrangements should proceed and are permitted in Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks counties during the Shelter in Place. We believe under Governor Wolf’s Shelter in Place, custody transfer will still be permitted in other counties as well. Once confirmed, we will provide you with more information. Below is essential content regarding how COVID-19 could impact your case and what you need to know. 


Action Plan Check List ►
During the COVID-19 pandemic, all parties must continue to follow all Court Ordered Custody Agreements.
Even though a Shelter in Place has been ordered, family contact is still permitted as such, Custody Orders should be followed.
Parents who have physical custody of a child(ren) should provide a mitigation action plan which provides the following inquires during your custodial time to the noncustodial parent:
  • Do you have household supplies including necessary food and diapers for babies and children?
  • Are you limiting third party contact?
  • If you are going to the grocery store or other necessary place, including work, what actions are you taking to mitigate the situation?
  • Are you washing your hands, using anti-bacterial soap and disinfecting surfaces after going in public?
  • Are you ensuring the child is doing the same in the household?
  • Are you monitoring members of the household and whether they are showing any symptoms, and have you provided this information to the custodial parent?
A Shared Legal Custody Agreement requires both parents to provide continuing information to the other parent including but not limited to:
  • If your child is at risk or suffers from anxiety, are both parents monitoring the child’s behavior and are both parents giving the child any necessary medications?
  • If a child is directed to continue school while at home, are both parents monitoring if the child is attending classes, doing homework and completing all assignments?
Safety of the child is a priority in Pennsylvania Custody Actions and it is imperative parents follow Court Orders and provide ongoing, current information about the household and children.
Failure to provide a sufficient action plan could result in your custodial time being suspended or modified.



Shut Down of Non-Essential Businesses ►


Governor Wolf has mandated a shutdown of all non-life-sustaining businesses in Pennsylvania. If your work or income is affected by this crisis, the Weber Gallagher Family Law Group can file a Petition to Suspend or Modify Support. Contact our office as we are still permitted to work from home and can file Petitions online.


Impact on Custody Orders ►


Coronavirus has permeated every aspect of our lives. Everything from going to work, grocery shopping, getting the kids to school or even going to a park has now taken on a new dynamic. More simply put, just about everything we took for granted is now called into question. This is doubly true for custody cases.


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